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small PHP lib

small JS lib

small CSS frame

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Games in Javascript; no other description needed.

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First was the library for PHP, i was looking for short name that class can begin with. Something like $ in jQuery. In 2006 i chose “_” as library name. It was single class with static methods. Version 2.0 evolved to more object oriented framework. In 2010 total rebuild version 3.0 – framework started to grow by additional Javascript libraries and PHP classes – for creating RAD framework and some internal projects. Now – working on version 5.0 and back to roots as a small library (but object oriented) with side projects: Javascript library and CSS framework used for other frameworks, libraries, apps etc.

But mainly Underscore Project contains “out of shelf” projects like WordPress plugins, Javascript games and other.

Underscore Projects is page to present my “free time created children”.

Underscore Library is


No additional libraries, managers, composers etc. Download, copy required phar, create new app.


Lightweight, max phar size is 50k.


Only required classes, no strings attached.



Currenty working on libs architecture, roles and responsibility. Creating in free time (which i don’t so much). First in place are now wordpress plugs and javascript games.


Current work progress

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